Cultivate leaders who are ready, willing, and able to take the journey.

Organizational capacity is getting a lot of attention these days. Identifying and securing the resources your organization needs in order to meet technical, financial, and service delivery challenges are crucial to effectively delivering on your mission. TrueBearing is a trusted partner for organizations across the nonprofit, for profit and public sectors, delivering organizational capacity assessment services designed to extend the scope and quality of their work through an achievable game plan.

But organizational capacity is only one ingredient of sustainable organizational performance. True organizational readiness involves not just the right tools for your mission, but also motivated leaders across every level of your organization who are prepared to work together to do great things.

Readiness means that your people (from boards and leadership teams to staff and partners) are confident as well as capable, collaborative as well as skilled, flexible as well as mission-focused.

Ready = Willing + Able

At TrueBearing, we bring deep expertise to support your organization in leveraging opportunities to increase readiness. We’re well-versed in proven tools found in the fields of psychology, sociology, performance assessment, law, conflict management, and team building—and we stand ready to help you prepare for your organization’s journey.

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