At TrueBearing we believe that when people are fully present, and fully engaged in honest dialogue, good things begin to happen. Whatever the particular topic at hand may be, these are the moments that result in lasting inspiration and growth. And these are precisely the moments that Dr. Nathan Brown seeks to create every day in his work as well as in his speaking and training engagements with nonprofit, for profit, community coalitions, healthcare, and educational groups.

Dr. Brown and the message he delivers to audiences are something of a paradox. On the one hand, as an experienced psychotherapist he is well acquainted with the “soft,” human side of how organizations really function – once you get past the buzzword-of-the-month and the “Six Steps to (Fill in the Blank).” On the other hand, he is equally experienced and knowledgeable about “hard” techniques that actually work, based on evidence rather than the latest fad.

Dr. Brown’s background reflects this paradox. He is a psychologist with extensive experience serving nonprofits, schools and businesses in several distinct roles: as a founder, executive director, professor, board member, consultant, and psychotherapist. His diverse training as a community and organizational psychologist, therapist, and researcher converges in his work with organizations and their leaders who are striving to navigate today’s changing environment. He is passionate about unleashing not only the people power in your organization but also the practical, evidence-based strategies that lead to organizational success.

Dr. Brown received his doctorate from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in California. He currently maintains a private clinical practice and serves as Director of Evaluation Services for TrueBearing, a consulting firm serving nonprofits nationally since 2004. An experienced keynote speaker and workshop leader, he has presented across the US and Canada as well as in international venues, particularly in Asia and India.

As a speaker, Dr. Brown brings a wide range of experience that most conference or workshop participants can easily understand and identify with. Having served at all organizational levels in the nonprofit and profit sectors – from doorbeller and window washer to ED and CEO – he draws upon his personal experience to present a message sparked with humor that his audiences can readily identify with and apply to their own circumstances.

Frequently requested topics:

  • Small Wins Strategic Planning: Nurturing a Culture of Discovery
  • Ready = Willing + Able: Organizational Readiness
  • Leadership for the Long Haul: Personal Resilience
  • Strategic Servanthood: An Ethos for Leadership
  • Moneyball at Work: Evidence-based Decision Making
  • Conflict Management I and II
  • Building Teams that Work
  • Spring Forward, Fall Back: Living through Failure
  • Building an Organizational Mission that Works
  • Extinguishing Burnout: Caring for the Caregiver

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