Chart your organization’s course.

One step at a time.

Strategic planning is the process of articulating an organization’s direction and goals as well as specifying the method for their achievement. To most leaders, strategic planning is an obvious and essential activity. The challenge is how to do it effectively.

Too often, organizations undertake strategic planning in ways that are time- and resource-intensive – and in the end are neither strategic nor effective as a practical plan. These efforts often lead to leader exhaustion, stakeholder burnout, and a document that, while beautifully designed and bound, resides in a file cabinet rather than at the conference table.

At TrueBearing, we believe that there is a better way to think about strategic planning, and a better way to make strategic action a part of your organization’s culture.

Small wins strategic planning breaks the planning cycle down into smaller, more manageable elements, called “small wins.” This lean approach makes the strategic planning process more nimble, and creates an opportunity to introduce two energizing elements:

  • The systematic use of reliable data to learn what actually works, and to support evidence-based decision making, and
  • The application of research insights into successful organizational change tactics resulting in a strategic plan that builds on a chain of successes and engages stakeholders.

If you’d like to read more about small wins strategic planning, take a look at this set of slides from a recent presentation by Dr. Brown.  Or if you’re ready to find out more about how we can partner in planning, get in touch with us.

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