Nathan C. Brown, Ph.D.

Principal / Director of Research

Nathan C. Brown, Ph.D. is a consulting psychologist with extensive experience across the nonprofit, public, and for-profit sectors. Trained in management and organizational systems disciplines as well as in evaluation and research, Dr. Brown works primarily with organizations that are navigating the dangers and opportunities inherent in times of significant change– whether that change is welcome or not. Dr. Brown is passionate about unleashing the power of practical, evidence-based methods in support of the core responsibilities of organizational leadership: mission development, strategic thinking, program development, client and donor engagement, and evaluation.

Dr. Brown is an experienced speaker on a variety of relevant topics to engage audiences at events from board retreats to conference workshops. Learn more

Jessica Aurelia Carr, J.D.

Principal / Director of Evaluation Strategies

Jessica Aurelia Carr, J.D. is a skilled and experienced applied researcher and attorney with primary interests in community-based advocacy, social justice, and social science research.  She brings expertise in a variety of psychological research methods, including both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, coupled with the skills to address matters of confidentiality, informed consent, and best practices for survey and interview methods. Her published work comprises topics such as the ongoing sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland, policy reform of the Washington Three Strikes Law, and membership change in the legal profession. Ms. Carr is dedicated to achieving data-driven solutions to organizational and policy challenges.

Team Members

Jay Uomoto, Ph.D.

Senior Associate

Jay Uomoto, Ph.D. is a rehabilitation neuropsychologist with a depth of experience in providing government consulting and leadership services, leading teams in the health care setting and conducting research on quality improvement initiatives. Having worked in Washington, D.C. for the Department of Veterans Affairs in an executive leadership position, his work with returning military personnel includes developing and executing system wide initiatives for effective educational approaches for health care providers, facilitating collaborative organizational relationships between government agencies, and providing oversight for system redesign initiatives pertaining to the implementation of evidence-based interventions.

Carolyn Kramer, M.P.H.

Senior Associate

Carolyn Kramer, M.P.H. is a cultivator of healthy schools and healthy communities. She has significant evaluation and program management experience working with schools, community based organizations, non-profits and governmental agencies. She has strong interests in social equity, needs assessment, and supporting communities and schools to develop need based, practical and evidence based policies, programs and efforts improve a community’s health and well-being. She has specific expertise in the Whole Child, Whole School, Whole Community Model that improves student learning through a comprehensive collaborative approach.

Chach Duarte White, J.D.


Chach Duarte White, J.D.  is experienced in working with complex systems within both the private and public sector, with particular expertise in diversity and inclusion issues within the legal profession. Ms. Duarte White is passionate about creating opportunities for change and strategically planning for the implementation of that change. An industrial engineer as well as an attorney, Ms. Duarte White worked in manufacturing, operations and quality control in the Silicon Valley before attending law school. Ms. Duarte White has dedicated her legal career to improving the legal profession and helping create opportunities for the underrepresented and non-traditional populations within the legal system. She was the 2012 recipient of the Latina/o Bar Association of Washington’s Abogada Excepcional/Extraordinary Attorney award.

Christopher Carr, J.D.


Christopher Carr, J.D. is a Washington attorney who is passionate about lifting up all voices to improve communities. Mr. Carr’s work centers around focus group and individual interviews that bring texture and depth to TrueBearing’s evaluation. His Spanish fluency has enabled him to devote a portion of his work to pro bono representation of immigrant individuals as well as victims of domestic violence, gang violence, and human trafficking. Mr. Carr is particularly interested in advocating for social justice issues in communities of color.